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X5 Synergy

Our most powerful VMS.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our standalone PC-DVRs and IP cameras can record at one resolution and stream at another, managing the amount of bandwidth that is used by each camera. This gives you the security and reliability of an analog system with the flexibility of an IP based system with unlimited expandability by adding 1-64 cameras at a time.

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Ultimate Compatibility

The Synergy platform not only manages video but can integrate with cameras, access control, analytics, biometrics, building management, NVR/DVRs, and other third party applications from the leading security providers. It is compatible with top IP camer amanufacturers such as: Axis, ACTi, Arecont, Mobotix, Sony, Vivotek, as well as ONVIF compliant cameras.

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Intelligent Data Allocation

The X5 platform integrates features such as Intelligent Data Allocation (IDA) which allows individual cameras to be recorded onto different hard drives. This means that you will not lose frame rate when saving your high-definition video footage. It does all of this without reducing the amount of recording time on each hard drive.

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IP or Analog... Why Choose?

Ascendent’s X5 standalone DVR works as an IP server so that our DVRs convert analog cameras into IP cameras (like IP servers 4/8/16ch) in a U1 or U2 rack mountable case. This enables the best of both technologies; a DVR that works autonomously with on-site storage, playback, and searching that is also a fully functioning IP device.

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Software Architecture

The X5 Synergy programming, built from the ground up, address the rapid explosion and demand for high-definition on-demand video by taking full advantage of both CPU and GPU processing power via algorithms, advanced processor utilization and throttling. This not only increases reliability and power saving but enables the X5 to record up to an unprecedented 512 video feeds from one server.

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