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Ascendent Video Analytics (AVA)

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Target Counting

Our analytics contain a highly-accurate counting feature optimized for multiple objects (people and/or vehicles) that works even in high density conditions. Up to 40 on-screen counters provide counting of all the objects, which are defined by user-specified detection rules.

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Ultimate Intrusion Protection

Straight out of the box, AVA acts as an accurate and intelligent presence sensor, alerting security immediately when a moving object is detected in a restricted area. Detections zones can either be a polygon or a line, with one or many segments, and you can set non-detection zones to drastically reduce false alarms.

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Object Classification

After calibrating your system, it will be able to identify objects based on their size, shape, and speed. It can show these stats on-screen so you have real-time data on the types of targets that are within your field of view.

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Abandoned Object

With today's rapidly growing security demands, it is more important than ever to stay one step ahead of threats. Our Abandoned Object feature can help you detect and eliminate those threats, it will notify you when a bag or suitcase if left somewhere in a scene.

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Direction and Dwell

Direction and Dwell filters allow you to be notified with an alarm when an object dwells within a zone for a pre-defined amount of time, or when an object travels in a certain direction through a zone or over a line. This can be useful for gathering information in retail stores, transport hubs, or critical infrastructure protection.

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