Ascendent Technology Group

Sigma Series

Attention to detail

Complete Customization

The Sigma Series can be completely custom built to meet your exact requirements. Options include, but are not limited to, cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, megapixel cameras, ultra long-range lenses, radar integration, zoom laser IR diode (up to 5km in complete darkness), gyro stabilization, and more. Simply put, whatever your needs, we can supply.

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Zoom Laser IR Diode (ZLID)

For applications that get complete darkness due to cover or other environmental applications, Ascendent has developed its Zoom Laser IR Diode (ZLID) illuminators. ZLID Technology synchronizes IR intensity and area illumination with a motorized zoom lens for outstanding performance, eliminating overexposure, washout, and hot-spots for distances up to 5km (16,400ft) in complete darkness.

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Rugged. Robust. Reliable.

The Sigma Series is built to handle the most severe weather conditions, from scorching sun to sub-zero temperatures; our integrated heater/blower keeps the components at a consistent temperature. The body has built-in cooling fins, and a rugged military connector, to ensure smooth operation in mission critical applications.

Configure your long-range electro-optic system

Crystal Clear Optics

Ascendent’s optics are precision engineered and designed to offer unparalleled performance. Our custom made long-range optics are similar to telescopes in that they uses large mirrors to reflect and focus light, with much larger diameters, allowing them to gather and collect significantly more light then traditional lenses. We can achieve focal lengths of up to 9000mm and resolution of up to 60MP.

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Simply Brilliant

Many long-range camera manufactures require separate modules to complete the installation of a long range camera. Ascendent's system is designed with the installer in mind, everything is located inside the camera, providing you with a true plug-and-play system. RS-45 connectors allow you to control the pan-tilt over standard Pelco D/P protocols.

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