Ascendent Technology Group


Ascendent Technology Group Inc. is a dynamic fast growing company committed to providing the CCTV industry with innovative and advanced products and technologies. With a commitment to the aggressive pursuit of product development and customer satisfaction, Ascendent continues to be an industry leader. We believe our sophisticated products provide simple solutions to the most complex security demands. Ascendent is proud to provide exceptional customer service and professional quality products.

Solutions Provider

First and foremost Ascendent is a solutions provider. Ascendent offers customization at a fraction of the time and cost of our competitors. Ascendent's customized approach allows us to design and configure a complete end-to-end solution based on your requirements rather than manufacturers' specs and limitations. With our in-depth knowledge of critical infrastructure and technological expertise Ascendent is continuously developing and manufacturing complete solutions and can design products to suit any application from industrial to global enterprise.

Mature and Stable

Ascendent's digital video solutions have a long and proud track record of success in a host of vertical markets and industries. Ascendent's products are mature and stable and have been used in mission critical environments for 13 years due to their unparalleled performance and legendary reliability. Ascendent understands DVRs must run 24/7 and offers a number of optional customizations such as Raid 5 redundant OS, solid state drives and dual power supplies for unparalleled reliability.

Reliability and Performance

Ascendent uses server grade components to provide the highest performance possible with embedded dynamic technologies such as Smart Memory Access which fully utilizes available data bandwidth allowing for up to 64ch channels of video on one DVR. This combined with high speed memory load means search times are greatly reduced. The latest Intel Core 2 Quad processors are built on micro-architecture enabling DVRs to run faster, cooler and quieter for optimum performance.

Third Party Integration

Ascendent is always willing to work with third party companies whether it is to work with legacy systems or design new solutions for specific industries. Our seamless integration of Video Access Control, POS and critical data management has a virtually endless expandability for a cost-effective, future-proof solution. Ascendent has a large network of technological and strategic partners to design solutions for a host of industries such as forestry, mining, transportation, gaming, industrial and critical infrastructure protection.

Flexibility and Scalability

With today's growing security needs a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Ascendent believes every Customer represents unique challenges and requirements. Through the years the role of the security industry has gone far beyond simply protecting assets and has evolved into a vital operational tool that drives the most successful governments, corporations, global enterprises and a host of industries worldwide. Ascendent saw the need for a versatile Solution that grows when you grow and changes as your company changes. Ascendent is proud to release its X4 and X5 platforms to tackle the most complex security demands from gaming to critical infrastructure protection.

Extreme Range Active IR

Ascendent's Zoom Laser IR Diode modules combine laser diode technology, quality optics and sophisticated electronics to provide invisible IR illumination at extreme ranges. Ascendent's LIDZ technology synchronizes IR intensity and area illumination with motorized zoom for flawless active IR performance absolutely eliminating over exposure and hot spots. Dual ASC- LIR4000Ms illuminate up to 10km classification level performance in complete darkness when paired with Ascendent's imaging equipment.

Ascendent's Terra, Sigma and Interceptor PTZ's deliver super long range day/night surveillance. Available lens options up to a powerful 40-5000mm motorized zoom lens can detect intruders at distances up to 20km by day and detect threats up to 35km away. Its twin, high-powered, continuous-wave laser active IR delivers intruder detection at 8km, recognition at 3km and identification at 1.8 km in complete darkness. The Terra Series delivers unparalleled surveillance, situation assessment, and perimeter protection for military installations, borderlines, airports and critical infrastructure worldwide.


As do many manufacturers Ascendent offers pre-built standard DVRs models that are on our website and in our documentation. ie. X4-8240-320 (8ch X4 240 frame 500GB However, Ascendent not only offers customization but excels at it. Simply put, whether it's CCTV cameras or DVRs, if you need it we build it!

OEM and Private Label

Ascendent has roots in providing OEM and private label solutions to other manufacturers and offers that same expertise to its dealers and integrators under Ascendents X3T and X4T platforms. Chances are you have already used an Ascendent DVR under a different brand name.