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Configure your X5S 4U 4K NVR (Optional AVA Analytics) DVR


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Ascendent X5S standalone NVRs run on an embedded
Linux OS, offering unparalleled stability, performance, and
cutting-edge features. While a conventional CMS solution
requires dedicated PC hardware, proprietary VMS software,
camera license fees, frequent updates, and maintenance, X5S
standalone NVRs offer a superior turn-key solution at lower
prices. Full spectrum cross compatibility with our IP cameras,
DVRs, HDX DVRs, NVRs, and video encoders make the X5S
platform a completely integrated VMS solution.
Choose from models featuring integrated AVA (Ascendent
Video Analytics), Ultra HD 4K video, 360°Panoramic Fisheye
support with dewarping, hot-swappable RAID arrays, up to
250 channels per server, and virtually unlimited storage. While
X5S NVRs operate autonomously and independently from
each other, any NVR can record video feeds from any other
NVRs, DVRs, HDX DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras, or video encoders.
This makes our NVRs the most versatile solution on the
market; perfect for any application from residential and small
businesses to multi-national corporations, airports, casinos,
universities, law enforcement, military, and shopping centers.

Note: C Series IP cameras are denoted by -CS at the end of their model number.

Recording Bandwidth: 512Mbps (Approx. 124CH@4Mbps/Camera)
Live View: Up to 64 + 4 on 2nd screen at once dependent on bitrate/fps/resolution.
AVA analytics support +1CH integrated analytics.
Supports up to 4K resolution



Select the number of video inputs you require and the resolution you wish to record.

  • 250CH 4U w/AVA


Select the amount of storage space you will need.

  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB
  • 12TB
  • 20TB
  • 24TB
  • 28TB
  • 32TB
  • 48TB
  • 64TB
  • 96TB

X4/X5 Client Software License

Choose from X4 or X5 software license for use with Client and Server software.

NOTE: X5-Free license will allow for a limited time connection from the time the software is started. Remote recording and unlimited remote connections require a full license.

The license channel number must match the channels of the DVR/NVR/IP Camera

X4S DVRs/NVRs can record without a license, a license is required for remote recording using a client software.

  • X5 Free
  • X4 124CH License
  • X5 124CH License
  • X5 250CH License
  • X4 250CH License

Service and Support

Paper Manual

To help our environment, a free digital download of this product's manual is available online. Or you can get a hard copy of the manual.

  • None
  • Include Paper Manual