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Configure your 3MP IP Pan/Tilt Mini-Dome Camera


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Ascendent‘s X5-3MP-MVRD-PT-CS is a mini dome IP camera with pan/tilt capabilities allowing for easy view adjustments during installation, or live panning and tilting. This camera produces stunning depth of field, is ideal for wide-angle observational
viewing, and offers digital zoom in playback to
capture even the minutest details. Not only does it
produce high resolution images, it also boasts an industry
leading 20 frames per second at 3 Megapixel resolution.
The progressive-scan, in tandem with the H.264B
compression, eliminates motion blur for crystal clear
images making the X5-3MP-MVRD-PT-CS the clear choice for
security professionals.

2.8mm Lens

POE supported.

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Use these power pigtails to ensure a simple and reliable power connection to your camera.

  • None
  • Female Power Pigtail

Software License

Choose a license for your IP camera. An X4 or X5 software license is required for use with X4/X5 PC based DVR/NVRs. If the IP camera will be used with an X4S NVR, please select X4S IP Cam License.

  • X4S NVR IP Cam License
  • X5 IP Cam License
  • X4 IP Cam License


Network Cable

Pre-made Cat5e cable for quick and easy connection of IP Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and Video Servers.

  • None
  • 3ft Cat5e Network Cable
  • 5ft Cat5e Network Cable
  • 10ft Cat5e Network Cable
  • 25ft Cat5e Network Cable
  • 50ft Cat5e Network Cable
  • 100ft Cat5e Network Cable

Power Supply

Power your cameras with Ascendent's power supplies to ensure your cameras receive sufficient power.

  • None
  • 12VDC Power Supply 1000mA


Wireless Radios allow any network device to be wirelessly transmitted to an existing TCP/IP network.

  • None
  • Wireless Access Point IP Radio (Single Radio) 5GHz 300Mbps
  • Wireless Access Point IP Radio (Single Radio) 5GHz 300Mbps
  • Wireless Network Bridge Radio Dish Antenna 5GHz (Single Radio)
  • Wireless Access Point IP Radio (Single Radio) 5GHz 1Gbps