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CM-700-28 Camera
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Ascendent's corner mount 1/3" color CCD camera is housed in a 18 gauge stainless steel enclosure and can be mounted in any corner. It's 90 degree wide angle view makes it perfect hallways and elevators Its no grip design meets regulations for installations in prison cells and physiatric holding rooms. It has a 2.8mm aspherical lens with a built-in electronic shutter and a 1.0 lux rating.

The CM-700-28 is powered by a high resolution 1/3” Super HAD CCD imager. This camera engine produces 700TVL resolution with accurate color reproduction. It has low light sensitivity and with the optional OSD can be setup for color by day and clean, crisp monochrome images by night. This imager is also intelligent and adjusts to changing light conditions allowing it to be used in a range of applications. All of these features, in tandem with its optional image enhancements such as Sense-Up, HLC, and ATR, make it an industry leader in both features and performance.

On Screen Display (Optional)
OSD programming allows you to program virtually every aspect of the camera. It comes with features such as Highlight Compensation (HLC), Backlight Compensation (BLC), Sense-Up, Digital Noise Reduc- tion, and Auto White Balance (AWB). HLC, one of our most popular features, recognizes bright light and re- duces overexposure by suppressing and masking the sources to provide proper contrast and exposure.



Transmit and receive video signals over twisted pair Cat5 cable to lower installation time and reduce expensive cable use.

  • None
  • Single Channel Passive Balun


View your cameras locally on a high quality monitor to make sure you don't miss any important events.

  • None
  • 3.5" Wrist Monitor

Power Supply

Power your cameras with Ascendent's power supplies to ensure your cameras receive sufficient power.

  • None
  • 12VDC Power Supply 1000mA
  • 12VDC Power Supply 2000mA
  • 12VDC Power Supply 5000mA
  • 4 Channel 12VDC Power Supply
  • 4 Channel 12VDC Power Box
  • 9 Channel 12VDC Power Box
  • 18 Channel 12VDC Power Box


Use quality tools to get the job done right.

  • None
  • Wire Strippers
  • BNC Crimpers