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1000ft Black Siamese Cable


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Premuim Coax and Power Siamese Cable
Ascendents SC-1000 is designed for professionals CCTV installers who demand quality. The SC-1000 is Siamese cable that is comprised of RG59 for video and 18/2 gage for power that is insulated in a protective sheath that makes it Weatherproof, and UV resistant while maintaining its flexibility for both a quick and professional installation.

Dangers of Pre-made cables
There is a trend of untrained installers who use multiple pre-made cables that often use non-compression ends resulting in poor video transmission. This method of daisy chaining pre made cables jeopardizes the image quality and video signal which leads to poor color, increased noise and can cause equipment failures such as freezing the DVR, and failure of IR cameras and camera’s with heater inside them.

Although the SC-Siamese cable have a larger gauge power and video than standard pre-made cables, they actually require a smaller hole to feed through because the connectors can be attached at the ends after the cable has been run.

All that is required to add the power end is to cut power wire, strip about 3/4" of the end and attach the pigtail and the power supply. For the video simply add the BNC connecter to both ends and you have plug and play installation for cameras.

Custom Lengths
Ascendent offers custom lengths of our SC-100 Siamese Coax cable simply provide your Ascendent sales rep with the quantity, lengths and the desired connectors.