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685 Auto Voltage Regulation


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The ASC-UPS685AVR390 is the ideal unit for basic to mid-level security systems. The ASC-UPS685AVR390 not only guards against surges, spikes, sags, and brownouts, but also protects your security system and valuable data during a power outage. The Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) monitors incoming AC power and regulates output to a smooth, consistent 120 volts. This model also has full dataline protection: RJ11/RJ45 (phone, fax, Ethernet, network, DSL) and RG-6 coax (DSS, cable modem, satellite, cable TV). PowerPanel PE (TM) Power Management supplements the backup/surge protection by monitoring the vitals of the UPS and safely shutting down your system in event of a power outage. The standalone design allows for vertical, horizontal, or wall mount.