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16 Channel Active Video and Power Balun Hub w/12V Regulator


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Ascendent's new HDX baluns support up to 4 Megapixel HDX cameras over Cat5e or Cat6 cabling! The HDX-BAL-VP16-12VR HDX balun hub has a 12VDC regulator, allowing for 24VDC to be sent over the cabling and 12VDC to be supplied to the camera. This helps avoid the affects of voltage drop that commonly affect long low voltage runs. By using HDX baluns you can wire with future proof Cat5e or Cat6 cabling and still receive the benefits of low cost HDX cameras.

The HDX-BAL-VP8-12VR and HDX-BAL-VP16-12VR make it easy to install HDX cameras using Cat5e or Cat6 cabling by combining the power supply for 8 or 16 cameras along with the balun hub, simplifying wiring requirements.

Camera end baluns included!