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30m 8 Beam Photo-Electric Barrier


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The IRT Series is Ascendent's new line of active Photo-Electric beam detectors. These detectors create an invisible IR tripwire between two sensors, which when broken will trigger an alarm output. When used in tandem with Ascendent's HVRs, NVRs, or IP cameras, the IRT series allows for unparalleled reliability in perimeter detection, as they will only trigger an alarm when something physically crosses the beam. With models ranging from 20-250m, the
IRT series is perfect for scenarios where intrusion detection and notification is critical.

The IRT-30-8B is a specialized model in our IRT line, it features 8 separate infrared beams for high security applications, and requires that at least 2 beams are broken before triggering an alarm. Additionally an intelligent microprocessor avoids false alarms from small animals that pass through the beams.

30m Detection
8 Beam Detectors
Response Time: 40ms
Single Axis Adjustment: Horizontal ±90°
Wavelength: 940nm
Relay Output: 3A, 125V Max
Ingress Protection: IP65
Temperature: -25℃~+55℃ RH ≤95%
Power: 245mA/12VDC