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Configure your Long Range Active IR Day Night PTZ Camera with 1500mm or 2000mm lens

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SIGMA-4000M-1500 Camera

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The Sigma Series PTZ delivers long range day/night surveillance. Its powerful 25-1500mm motorized zoom lens can detect intruders at distances of up to 15km. The high-output, ZLID IR illuminator provides recognition for up to 4.5km in complete darkness . Ascendents Sigma series delivers unparalleled video surveillance and situation assessment for perimeter protection and border defense.

Industry Leading Performance
Ascendent's ZLID (Zoom Laser IR Diode) Active IR module combines laser diode technology, quality precision optics and sophisticated electronics. This synergy provides ultra long range active IR illumination greatly exceeding both the performance and distance of traditional IR LED illumination. The ASCLIR3000M-810 (IR Laser) synchronizes IR intensity and area illumination with motorized zoom optics for flawless active IR performance. This eliminates overexposure, washout and hotspots for unparalleled performance to recognize and identify threats even in complete darkness .

Advantages over thermal imaging
The Sigma Series offers significant advantages over thermal imaging by producing colour images by day and monochrome at night with up 500% higher resolution. Active IR unlike thermal also has the ability to illuminate through windows and other optically pure substances at night to provide both recognition and identification making it ideal for military installations, homeland defense, airports -and critical infrastructure scenarios

Panoramic viewing
The sigma Series are comprised of high quality precision engineered components to offer absolute performance. The optics payload is firmly seated on a heavy duty PT driver implements brushless motor technology for endless 360 panning and tilting in increments as low as .01 degree. This in tandem the 1500mm zoom lens allows the Sigma camera to secure vast areas without sacrificing performance while delivering a high ROI.

Rugged Robust
The Sigma series is comprised of military grade precision engineered components and are manufactured using unique processes to offer absolute performance. All these components are integrated into rugged IP 66-68 Nema 4X enclosures constructed out of military grade components to withstand the most brutal assaults and extreme climates (-40°C~60°C) ffor 24/7 operation in mission critical applications.

As with all of Ascendents integrated Electro-optical camera systems the sigma series can be customized and built to suite an application from marine or military fixed or rapid deployment.

View footage from the Sigma Series here: